“Books You May Have Missed 2014″ book talk


DSC_0242Our library podcast presents excerpts of the annual “Books You May Have Missed” book talk presented at the Friends of the Nordonia Hills Branch Library meeting on January 20.

A complete list of all the titles discussed is available at the branch.

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Game Time this Saturday – perfect for those winter blues


Game piecesOur monthly Game Time program is this Saturday, February 21, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Stop by and join in with some fellow board game players.

Enjoy a warm beverage, learn a new game, or play an old favorite.


Last month’s event was covered by the NewsLeader. Check out their video and slide show at:


Chase away that cabin fever with some friendly gaming.

Hope to see you Saturday!





Valentine’s Day was a good day to celebrate Pinkalicious!  We read the book, make a bracelet, iced pink cupcakes, and decorate a tiara with sequins and jewels. Everyone got to take home a mini Rice Krispy for a Valentine’s Day treat.


A few of the girls posed with their tiaras.

pink1 pink2 pink3 pink4





Socrates Cafe meets second Thursday of each month


socrates columnOur Socrates Cafe met last night, with attendees braving single digit temperatures to enjoy great conversation and delicious treats.


Last night’s questions included:




  • Agree or disagree: “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well. And if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.”
  • If, as a recent statistic states, “1 in 5 people experience depression,” then is it an illness, or rather just a normal part of the human condition?
  • Discuss the morality / ethics of using drones. 

Join us March 12 – and each 2nd Thursday evening – as we explore diverse subjects and discuss questions in an open and informal manner.




Toddler Story Time today was all about penguins. Along with our usual routine, we also did the Penguin Shuffle with shakers and 5 Chilly Penguins flannel.  Our closing activity was a penguin craft and art. We assembled part of the penguin and glued it to a blue piece of paper. Then we painted the middle white and added snow and icebergs. Check out their hard work below.

jan291 jan292 jan293 jan294


12 Destinations in 12 Months – Where would you go?


DSC_0242Our January podcast follows the footsteps of Charles Kuralt as he travels to twelve uniquely American destinations in twelve months, starting with January in New Orleans.


Give our 11-minute podcast a listen at:





2014 Book talk titles – fiction


Anniversary Logo_Color_2 inThese are the fiction titles from our “Books You Might Have Missed – 2014″ book talk.

This book talk is given annually at the Friends of Nordonia Hills Branch Library’s January meeting.


These books are selected from those purchases throughout the year for the library collection.


Titles are in no particular order.


The Girl Who Came Home – Hazel Gaynor

Cold Storage Alaska – John Straley

Antiques Con – Barbara Allan

Going Home – A . American

Invisible Ellen – Shari Shattuck

The Art of Arranging Flowers – Lynne Branard

Fifty Mice – Daniel Pine

The Cloud of Unknowing – Mimi Lipson

A Burnable Book – Bruce Holsinger

I See You – Patricia MacDonald

Biblical – Christopher Galt

The Girls at the Kingfisher Club – Genevieve Valentine

Autumn Killing – Mons Kallentoft

Bitter Greens – Kate Forsyth

The Boy Who Killed Demons – Dave Zeitserman

Snow White Red-Handed – Maia Chance

You Could Be Home Now – Tracy Manaster

The Museum of Extraordinary Things – Alice Hoffman

Uncle Janice – Matt Burgess

Smitten Book Club – Colleen Coble, et al

Madness in Miniature – Margaret Grace

Season to Taste – Natalie Young

A Pleasure and a Calling – Phil Hogan

Wildalone – Krassi Zourkova

The Dress Shop of Dreams – Menna Van Praag

The Wonder of All Things – Jason Mott



Annual book talk highlights 2014 reads


NH Library 12-11 001Our Friends of Nordonia Hills Branch Library annual meeting was concluded with a wonderful book talk.

“Books You Might Have Missed – 2014″ presented nearly 60 books, both fiction and nonfiction, with interesting features or information about each title.

These books are selected from purchases made throughout the year for the library collection.

Here is the nonfiction list discussed last night (fiction to follow tomorrow).

In no particular order:

The Book of Odds – Amram Shapiro

Grandma Gatewood’s  Walk – Ben Montgomery

The Death Class – Erika Hayasaki

The Future Declassified – Matthew Burrows

Cubed – Nikil Saval

Yellow River Odyssey – Bill Porter

The Golden Ticket – Lance Fortnow

Sitcom – Saul Austerlitz

Unruly Places – Alastair Bonnett

The Village Effect – Susan Pinker

As You Wish – Cary Elwes

In the Devil’s Garden – Stewart Lee Allen

Retronaut – Chris Wild

The Last Great Walk – Wayne Curtis

The Party Food Bible – Lisa Frisk & Monica Eisenmann

Correlated – Shaun Gallagher

Lost in the Pacific – L. Douglas Keeney, ed.

National Geographic: The Covers – Mark Collins Jenkins

The Undercover Economist Strikes Back – Tim Harford

Salvage Secrets Design and Decor – Joanne Palmisano

Deep Cover Cleveland – Laura Peskin

Best American Infographics 2014

Section 60 – Robert Poole

Apples of Uncommon Character – Rowan Jacobsen

Speed Limits – Mark Taylor

The Triple Package – Amy Chua

You Are Here – Chris Hadfield



Dream Catchers


On Wednesday, January 14, for Afterschool Club, we made dream catchers out of paper plates, string, shapes, feathers, and beads. They took a lot of concentration and fine motor skills, but look how wonderful they came out!

dream catchers 1 dream catchers 2 dream catchers 3 dream catchers 4

February 11, we will play some board games.





We made a snowman out of socks, fiberfil, buttons, ribbon, bells, and fabric for a family program.  There might not be any snow on the ground, but that didn’t stop us from making a snowman. They all came out really cute. Take a look at some of them!



snowman5 snowman4 snowman3 snowman2 snowman1