Socrates Cafe provides some warm discussion


socrates columnOur monthly Socrates Cafe opened for business last night. Folks came in out of the cold and wind for some hot beverages and some engaging conversation.

The topics we discussed yesterday included:

  • How much influence should an employer have over the personal lives of his or her employees?
  • What is right or wrong about being politically incorrect?
  • What will be the end result of stores being open for business on Thanksgiving Day?

The Cafe currently opens each month at 6:30 pm on the second Thursday of the month. Next Cafe is December 10.

We will be moving back to our original Wednesday evenings beginning in 2016.

Stop by and talk with your neighbors – EVERYONE has a philosophy, and one can find a friendly place to share it at the Nordonia Hills Socrates Cafe.


After Story Time Play


After Preschool Story Time we played outside. Painting was everyone’s favorite, so some us took it over to the picnic table.

11-5 11-5-2 11-5-3 11-5-4


Halloween – time to get your (candy) freak on


DSC_0242Just in time for Halloween, our audio podcast explores the world of candy, and those intrepid lovers of sweets who will travel far and wide in search of their treasure.

Get your holiday candy freak on at:

On Nonfiction #46


PNC Grant: Let’s Explore Nature


October 10, we had our program outside and explored nature.

We painted on mirrored easels and on paper.







We decorated a journal to write/draw in.













We built with blocks.








Played in sand.








We also had tree cookies going through the garden.




Share launch event next week


SummitLive365ArtsNow is proud to announce the launch of at an event at the John S. Knight Center.

The event is free and open to the public but reservations are required.

Date & Time: October 15, 2015 at 5:30 pm – 7 pm

Location: John S. Knight Center 77 E. Mill St. Akron, OH 44308


ArtsNow, a new non-profit that has emerged out of the Arts and Culture Assessment for Summit County, would like to invite you to attend SummitLive365: The Launch. SummitLive365 is a new portal for artists, venues, performers, organizations and creators of all kinds who comprise Summit County’s rich arts and culture scene.

On Thursday, October 15th from 5:30-7pm ArtsNow will host an event at the John S. Knight Center to celebrate the launch of this free resource and we would love for you to attend to celebrate the work of so many people county-wide. Free food, entertainment and fun! Join the celebration!

For more information, people can email or visit

SummitLive365 is a new website which launched in October of 2015. This unique forum serves as a portal for artists, performers, venues, and organizations to feature their talents as well as a robust event calendar for the county. SummitLive365 is free to use and is home to everything from family-friendly events to individual artists sharing their talents. Check it and see where you want to be!



Podcast explores “Unruly Places”


DSC_0242This month we travel around the world seeking places that defy expectation, engender happiness, or may not be around to visit much longer.

Give a listen at:

On Nonfiction #45


Banned Books Week 2015


Your friendly librarians at Nordonia Hills Branch Library are doing something a little different for Banned Books Week this year. Inspired by a post on Pinterest, we made our own Banned Books Week mugshot photo booth! Check out our librarian’s mugshots below, and be sure to stop in to take one of your own!

20150928_10074120150928_0953331 20150928_100814




Pipe Cleaner Ninjas


We made pipe cleaner ninjas for Afterschool Club on September 23.  We will be making jewel magnets on October 14.


ninjas ninjas2


Apple Prints


This week for story time we read about apples.  We also got to taste a delicious apple and then we made apple prints.  We were very good about taking turns between painting and playing with toys.


apple prints


New Children Chapter Books


Here is a look at a few new children books.


Meet the fearsome creatures of the lumberwoods! The Hodag, like a spinybacked bull-horned rhinoceros packing 3,000 pounds of carnivorous fury. The Snoligoster, the reptilian beast that feeds on the shadows of its victims. And deadlier than a rattler, copperhead, or cottonmouth combined, the Hoop Snake, which can chase prey at speeds up to 60 miles per hour and then, with one sting of its venomous tail, cause the victim to turn purple, swell up, and die. For every kid who loves a good scare, here are 20 spooky, macabre, and yet whimsical tales about the most fantastical beasts in American folklore. Originally published in 1910 by William T. Cox and now inspiringly retold by Hal Johnson. Straight out of the era of Paul Bunyan, it speaks to an earlier time in American history, when the woods were indeed dark and deep and filled with mystery





On the brink of World War II, a family is forced out of their London home and into the countryside. Wolfie and his older sister Dodo are devastated to leave behind everything they’ve ever known, but they slowly settle into their new life. One day they come across an orphaned foal, which they raise as Hero, a strong and beautiful horse who lives up to his name when he saves the children from a fire. Wolfie and Dodo find comfort in their new life, but the war is escalating quickly and horses are needed for combat. One night, Hero is stolen, and the children are shattered. Years go by and there’s no sign of Hero returning. It’s only when Wolfie becomes a stable hand that he discovers Hero has ended up working in the mines under terrible conditions. Then and there, Wolfie resolves to save Hero, even if it puts his own life in danger. Together, they will survive.

In 1930s Alabama, twelve-year-old Hoodoo Hatcher is the only member of his family who seems unable to practice folk magic, but when a mysterious man called the Stranger puts the entire town at risk from his black magic, Hoodoo must learn to conjure to defeat him.